Buildup and fitting

We produce all of our stables by ourself - made in germany (Rietberg).
We invent every stable together with farmers around germany to fit every need. Invention never stops.

We don't work with subcontractors that's why every assembly operator is employed directly at Wördekemper.

As every stable is different to fix the needs of our customers we own our own truck parc. Our Buildup-Team also fills your last wishes at construction side.
Without additional cost.

Guided- or Full buildup

Basically you can choose between a guided or a full builup. At guided buildup we send 1-3 assembly operators and you send 1-2 co-workers to construction side. Of course this saves money. An advantage of the guided montage is that your team knows everything from the stable inside out.

Buildup time

The buildup time refers to the animal sort and the wanted interior as also to the amount of animals you want to hold and if it is a small regio or large "Rundbogen".

Regio: between 2-5 days after delivery
Rundbogen: between 12-25 days after delivery

We'd love to hear from you. Send us an e-mail to get a date for an unaccommodating counseling .

We show you how you create a profitable commercial sector using our mobile stables.

„From practice for the practice“