Benefits of mobile stables

Production benefit

Threw the mobility of our mobile stables pathogens can't grow up. This means a lower or in most cases no use of antibiotics. The stables are distorted at need depending of the season and other factors.

Convincing at productivity

Production performance depends on a lot of factors:

Our mobile stables could be used in wainter as summer because of their natural climate control and additional cliamte controls. The natural cross airflow system offers a high amount of clean air which ends in animal healthiness.

We mostly use smooth materials where bacteria got no chances to stay.

Workflow benefit

Most farmers today are working to capacity. That's why we made our stables not only for healthy animals but also for the farmer himself.

That's why we include automated feeding, climate control as automated egg belts. Aus diesem Grund ist die automatisierte Fütterung, eine Klimasteuerung sowie das automatisierte Eiersammeln über ein integriertes Eierband bei uns Standard.
Our stable is also easy to control and check every corner without obstacles.
Threw flat surfaces it is very easy to clean up.

All these points are given in our stables.

Distribution benefit

Durch einen mobilen Stall der Firma Wördekemper bekommen Endverbrauch eine artgerechte transparente Tierhaltung zu sehen. Wechselnde Standorte und somit frische Auslaufmöglichkeiten für die Tiere sind das Kaufargument. Es ist nicht nur die artgerechte Tierhaltung, sondern auch ein gesundes Lebensmittel, wofür jeder bereit ist mehr zu zahlen. Es geht um die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden der Menschen und der Tiere.

Das schafft Kundenbindung und Vertrauen zu den Landwirten.

Ecology of an autarkic mobile stables

All mobile stables could be used autarkic. And this up to 3000 layin hen's totally whithout power supply by a power wire. Egg belt, feeding, Nest cast out, climate control and automated doors could be driven by the sun.

That means energy supply az zero costs for production.

Start production just faster

In past years the fast-moving business also affected farmers. With a mobile stable system from Wördekemper you can start production very fast

When you order the stable it takes 1-5 Weeks depending on season and the model you like until you can start production.
That's an huge economical adavantage.

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We show you how you create a profitable commercial sector using our mobile stables.

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